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Pentagon Pacific is a uniquely diverse company focused on the supply of specialist equipment and materials to the Australian and New Zealand underground construction, mining and tunnelling industries. 

We promote numerous items of equipment and technology for these very specialised industries through our agency based business, offering the services of well established world wide suppliers.

All the companies that Pentagon Pacific are representing have a long association within the aforementioned industries and all have had a significant impact in the growth of the tunnelling market place world wide.



World leaders in Tunnelling Equipment


Tunnel Boring Machines

Lovsuns believe how they do their work is just as important as the work itself. Demonstrating teamwork, integrity, respect, diversity, health & safety and customer focus behaviours is important to delivering their strategy and company goals.

Lovsuns promote a collaborative environment where they respect and trust one another. Lovsuns' team is strengthened by the diversity and contribution of each members` knowledge, and professionalism.

Lovsuns take pride in their work and value honesty, consistency and fairness. Lovsuns strive for personal and professional excellence.

Lovsuns is a 100 percent owned company of Liaoning Censcience Industry Co., Ltd (LNSS) of China.  LNSS is a large TBM manufacturer company based in the north-east of China, with one of the largest TBM manufacturing capacities in the China. LNSS has an annual manufacturing capacity of up to 50 separate TBMs  - with 8 separate production plants all within its one facility.  LNSS's sole focus is TBM manufacture, delivery and support to the World Tunnelling Market

Metalliance tsi - France

For supply of MSVs and Specialist vehicles

Metalliance is a company that is specialised in the design and manufacturing of specific handling machines and equipment.  Metallaince facilities include an engineering office, a method and industrialization office and a manufacturing workshop for welded sub-assemblies, an assembly workshop. Metalliance can also offer training. local support and service teams. 

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Condat Lubricants - France

For supply of TBM greases, oils and ground conditioning agents

Since the English Channel tunnel project, Condat has participated in the construction of more than 3,000km of tunnels throughout the world by developing a range of specific products for:

- Earth pressure tunnelling machines

- Slurry pressure tunnelling machines

- Air pressure tunnelling machines

- Rock tunnelling machines

- Pipe jacking 


Pentagon Pacific represents Condat Lubricants in Australia and New Zealand, and promote their range of consumable tunnelling products to project clients, contractors and sub-contractors throughout this region. Condat Lubricants produce a full range of biodegradable and non polluting products for TBMs. Condat products have been used on all Tunnel Boring operations in Australia and New Zealand over the last decade and are currently specified or being used on major infrastructure projects throughout the rest of the world.

Tunnels and Formworks International srl - Italy

For Specialist forms for tunnels and caverns

Tunnels & Formworks International designs and manufactures special Formworks for every kind of Tunnel , Rail , Road and Hydroelectric. TFI provides a complete service to its customers, providing "turnkey" on-site equipment all over the world. The heart of the Company is made up people with a unique experience in the Tunnel Formworks

Recently TFI have combined with CIFA offering full access to CIFA's experience and expertise.

TFI work closely with Pentagon Pacific to offer local support and "turnkey" solutions.


CBE Group - France

For Segment Moulds and Carousels

CBE design and create high precision precast formworks for the production of concrete pieces and the handling equipment and turnkey precast facilities for such concrete pieces. CBE also design and manufacture segment moulds for tunnels, armour units, railway sleepers or shaft moulds. CBE work on underground and building sites, roadworks, railways, fluid transportation and cable routing systems.

CBE take care of pre-project engineering, 3D design, production line and maintenance during the whole tunnel building process, coordinating our efforts with the client and the equipment providers, they also grant site-staff training and preventive maintenance on demand.

Since their participation in the Eurotunnel construction, they have gained a unique experience regarding precasting equipment, with more than 300 precast manufacturing plants around the world. The specialist in precast equipment - that's CBE!


SIMEM Underground Solutions Inc.

Colloidal Grout Plants and mixers

Since nearly fifty years SIMEM, an industrial Italian company, has been committed to designing and manufacturing machines and plants for concrete production, material processing and environmental protection. Thanks to its comprehensive knowledge and highly skilled professionals, SIMEM now is present in markets throughout the world. Experience, market expertise and excellent communication with customers are the decisive strengths of the company. SIMEM is a company which is based on a solid and competitive manufacturing structure, global distribution and sales as well as service network.


Simem Underground Solutions specializes in the global design and supply of cemented aggregate backfill and pastefill plantsslurry and bi-component grout plantslong distance pumping systems, and fully-automated material handling solutions.

Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Simem Underground Solutions has assembled a top-flight team of industry-skilled engineers and designers to deliver unquestioned solutions for the tunnelling and mining community. This broad group of experienced professionals possess expertise ranging from project specific equipment design, to operator training, installation commissioning, technical support, and spare parts service.

Simem Underground Solution's range of products for tunnelling include:




Hydrated Bentonite Plants

Lightweight Cellular Concrete Plants

Pumping Systems

Shotcrete Plants

Technical Tunnelling Components - UK

For all tunnel segment accessories

Technical Tunnelling Components (TTC), designs and manufactures in-house a wide range of plastic components for precast segment connection and grouting.

In-house design facilities allow us to modify any standard product, or design bespoke components to each customer’s individual requirements.

Our products have been used on various projects around the world, especially our award winning Dowelock Alignment System.


TTC brings together the expertise of two established companies, Bosworth Plastics Ltd, and Tunnelling Accessories, to offer excellent service, knowledge, expertise and experience to provide innovative solutions for your tunnelling needs.


Acimex - France

Specialist lifting equipment

Acimex is the leader in the domain of industrial gripping and lifting of large and heavy loads and pieces. the company designs and manufactures vacuum devices for the handling of concrete, steel or PVC pieces and large scale tubes and pipes.

• Customized high-quality solutions for every client 

• Lifting and handling up to 30 tons in full safety 

• Products resistant to extreme conditions on hostile grounds 

• Turnkey solutions for the creation of complete handling lines 

• Setup of automated units for various processes 


ACIMEX provides unique solutions for unique projects.  Construction Concrete pieces Moving, turning and tilting precast concrete pieces is one of ACIMEX’s main fields of expertise. Its products are particularly adapted to the public construction sector. 

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Mining Equipment Ltd - USA & Germany

For Locomotives, rolling stock and rail requirements

Mining Equipment specialises in rail mounted equipment and have a very large inventory of diesel, battery and trolley locomotives in stock. Various models by Plymouth, Clayton, Brookville, Schöma, Goodman, Greensburg and General Electric can be offered. In addition to locomotives, we also have a large inventory of rolling stock such as muck cars, flat cars and mantrips. Mining Equipment also builds new rolling stock to meet their customer’s needs.

Mining Equipment are happy to welcome innovative German manufacturer Mühlhäuser to the Mining Equipment family. This important acquisition represents our first step into the European market, and are excited for the opportunity to do what they do best: give contractors the best support in the industry, one project at a time.

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PenPac Services Pty Ltd

Pentagon Pacific can offer further services to your project with supply of locally stored product and spares from our suppliers.

Please contact us for further information on this exciting development in our company.

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