Simem Underground Solutions Inc.

Since nearly fifty years SIMEM, an industrial Italian company, has been committed to designing and manufacturing machines and plants for concrete production, material processing and environmental protection. Thanks to its comprehensive knowledge and highly skilled professionals, SIMEM now is present in markets throughout the world. Experience, market expertise and excellent communication with customers are the decisive strengths of the company. SIMEM is a company which is based on a solid and competitive manufacturing structure, global distribution and sales as well as service network.


Simem Underground Solutions specializes in the global design and supply of cemented aggregate backfill and pastefill plantsslurry and bi-component grout plantslong distance pumping systems, and fully-automated material handling solutions.

Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Simem Underground Solutions has assembled a top-flight team of industry-skilled engineers and designers to deliver unquestioned solutions for the tunnelling and mining community. This broad group of experienced professionals possess expertise ranging from project specific equipment design, to operator training, installation commissioning, technical support, and spare parts service.

Simem Underground Solution's range of products for tunnelling include:




Hydrated Bentonite Plants

Lightweight Cellular Concrete Plants

Pumping Systems

Shotcrete Plants

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